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Monday, March 2, 2009

Letter to a lunatic

I'm sure I probably won't win any points with this post but it's something that I need to get off my chest. But when someones psycho-ness interferes with my friendship that's when I have a problem. And since she was checking out my Twitter updates (which I've removed from my blog page, & made private), I'm sure she has found my blog page as well.


Far be it from me to tell someone how to deal with their issues but this has just gotten entirely out of control. If I was dating someone who had a friend that I wasn't sure about, I'd at least make a phone call to introduce myself to the person and maybe find out a little about them. But noooo you'd rather just throw a fit and get all pissy with Rob about the time we spend on the phone. Trust me if I had been so inclined as to try and put the moves on Rob I would have done so long before you came into the picture. Heaven forbid two people of the opposite sex are friends. Perish the thought. So right now your problem is me, in 2 months who's it going to be then??, the waitress at dinner, the cashier at Walmart? So hopefully you get some help for these issues.

How would you feel if he got all upset and was snooping through your phone bill to see how much time you were spending on the phone with one of your friends?? I don't think I'd be going out on a limb by saying you wouldn't like it very much. So why do you feel its ok for you to feel this way about his friends?? Ohhh that's right, you're fucking mental.

I'm not sure which saddens me more. To see a grown woman with teenagers act this way for no reason. Or the fact that Rob is putting up with this. All I can say is, damn that must be some hella wicked pussy.

But like I said I hope you get help for your issues. Because if I continue on I'll just make an ass of myself on my own blog.

Have a nice life,