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Monday, February 7, 2011

Exercises In Stupidity

It never ceases to amaze me at the lack of brain power by so called professional drivers. The other day while coming across Wyoming there seemed to be an over abundance of it.

For those that don't know the area between Cheyenne & Laramie is especially prone to high winds & blowing snow, the other day was no exception. Everything was moving along at a nice 45 MPH until we reached Happy Jack Road, where everyone seemed to suffer from severe & potentially life threatening cranial rectal inversions en masse. Everyone slowed down to a break neck speed of 15 MPH. Of course this means you now have a 5 mile long convoy of trucks going down a 5% grade so close to each other you couldn't fit a car in between them.

So I, realizing the stupidity of this jumped in the left lane to get as far away from the stupidity as possible because it must be catching. Because this is the only explanation I have for this kind of behavior. Not a mile into my attempt to escape, at an oh so speedy 30 MPH, a Prime truck jumps in the lane in front me at the slighty less stupid speed of 18 MPH. Seriously, what the holy ever loving fuck is wrong with drivers today?

Listening to the CB the whole time, I listened to drivers calling me reckless & stupid for passing on such bad roads going downhill. REALLY?!?!!!!eleventy!!1!!?11! No one said a word about the driver that jumped in front of me, going much slower than I & thus risking an accident but as soon as I said something to him for being a monumental idiot of gargantuan proportions, I was the bad person. OK, so maybe what I actually called him was a dumbass, inbred, cock sucking, steering wheel holder but you get the point. ;)

Whenever I see such dangerous & idiotic behavior by my fellow drivers it hurts my heart. (Yes fuckers I have one, contrary to popular belief.) It makes me wonder about the future of the industry I love. I see so many drivers that don't like what they are doing & don't seem to care about the image they portray to the public. Then on all to rare occasions I see someone that gives me hope & maybe this industry isn't totally doomed.
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Friday, February 4, 2011

How NOT To Park Your Truck

Here are prime examples of how & where not to park your truck. Although sometimes convienient isn't always best. ;)

All of these were taken near Walcott, IA yesterday.
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Move along,

Nothing to see here. Just testing blogger for android.
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