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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My adventures in quitting smoking.

I think like every smoker out there that has tried quitting, I too have tried just about everything under the sun. Patches(my dreams are screwy enough as it is) , gum(ewww that was gross), lozenges(way gross), antidepressants(I just hate taking pills every day & especially one like that) and even cold turkey(was sooooooo not a pretty sight).

The last couple of months I had been seeing these
Njoy electronic cigarettes & finally decided to give one a try. And I must say despite the weird taste, it totally represses my urge to poke someone in the eye or bite their face. But the biggest thing is that it helps with the something to do with your hands while your trying to quit smoking, which I think has been my biggest problem. Especially sitting on my ass all day & driving. Because when I'd stop for the day I could always find something to do like crochet or read a book and I really wouldn't have the urge to smoke. But so far these really seem to work & I am now 46hrs without a cigarette. So cross your fingers & wish me luck.
Sunday, February 8, 2009

An Epiphany?

While talking to my BFF yesterday I came to what could be considered an epiphany. I think. But I have come to the conclusion the reason I am still single at 33 is due to my being a truck driver. And not for any of the obvious reasons like never being home or anything like that. It's just in the almost 10 years working in a male dominated profession I have seen more into the way the male mind works then any female really has a right to.

Most guys when they are around women they tend to act with a modicum of decency. Not that all truck drivers are neanderthals but a lot of them tend to act in ways towards women drivers that they would only act with their male friends. Again, I am NOT saying all, just a good portion of them act this way. I guess I should feel honored that I am now "one of the guys", but I'd rather not be. There are some things I just don't need to know or don't want to know.
Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was tagged

I was tagged on my facebook page so I figured I would post it here as well. For all of those that want to peek deep into the inner workings of my psyche.

1. I'm a recovering Baptist. I don't follow any particular pagan path. It's more of a broad polytheistic view.

2. I am an amateur radio operator. Currently Tech class but am studying for my General. Call sign KC8LMU

3. I love to read & will read just about anything. Or try to at least.

4. Still single & no kids, with neither in the near future.

5. I'm still trying to find that rich old man that's about ready to kick the bucket & gonna leave me all his money. But my luck if I did find him, he's leave all his money to his cat or something.

6. I taught myself to crochet about 2 years ago & am currently teaching myself to knit.

7. I'm addicted to my blackberry. And her name is BB McGee. Yes I know it's a sign of being crazy admitting this, but so be it. (you should meet the rest of the family......they make me look normal)

8. I have way more grey hair then any 33 year old should have.

9. I could easily seeing myself becoming a hermit.

10. I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere......ok technically NOT everywhere but I have been to all of the lower 48, all of Canada except the NW Territory, Yukon Territory, PEI & Labrador. I have also been to Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana & Nuevo Laredo, MX & Jamaica mon.

11. I'm a serial killer.......it's just all in my head.

12. I would love to own my very own yarn shop. Somehow I don't see this helping my yarn addiction.

13. I love to listen to old timey radio shows.

14. All of my disillusionment issues stem from an incident in the fifth grade when I lost a naming contest for a math robot. I still think Sir Math-A-Lot is way better then Math Amigo.

15. I'm a button pusher.

16. I believe tattoos are like potato chips.......you can't have just one. That's why i have 10.

17. I am thinking coming up with 25 random things about me is a lot harder then I thought.

18. I lurv lol catz. Tehy r teh ishtz.

19. I have always wondered that if Canada would see it as an act of war if we gave them Michigan.

20. I am a true Gemini.......just ask my mom she had to live with the mood swings.

21. I brake for Starbucks.

22. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo not a morning person.

23. I still think fart jokes are funny.

24. I'm not as cranky & mean as a lot of people think. I've just had to stand up for myself to be taken even remotely serious as a female truck driver and I refuse to take any one's crap. And women that decide to become truck drivers but can only half assed do the job, do the rest of us a favor & go back home & have a couple of more kids or something.

25. I've been drug free for 9.5 years now. And I owe so much to my mom, because most parents would have given up, but she didn't.

Pagan Standard Time

Why do people think that PST is acceptable? When did this become an acceptable practice? To me it means you are a pain in the ass who thinks the world revolves around you.

I have never been a stickler for things starting right on the dot but the idea of showing up 2 hours late, if you even bother to show, because it interferes with your natural flow is a total crock. What about everybody else's natural flow? I would so love a life and job that doesn't require the rigors of standard time, but unfortunately I live in the real world and not some fantasy land. Neither am independently wealthy to have such
a laissez-faire attitude.

Some pagans wonder why a lot of people don't take them seriously and maybe the fact that you are habitually late could NEVER be a reason. There are quite a few others that I could think of but won't go into for the sake of my blood pressure. So maybe for the sake of your fellow pagans you can grace them with your appearance on time for a change.