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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My adventures in quitting smoking.

I think like every smoker out there that has tried quitting, I too have tried just about everything under the sun. Patches(my dreams are screwy enough as it is) , gum(ewww that was gross), lozenges(way gross), antidepressants(I just hate taking pills every day & especially one like that) and even cold turkey(was sooooooo not a pretty sight).

The last couple of months I had been seeing these
Njoy electronic cigarettes & finally decided to give one a try. And I must say despite the weird taste, it totally represses my urge to poke someone in the eye or bite their face. But the biggest thing is that it helps with the something to do with your hands while your trying to quit smoking, which I think has been my biggest problem. Especially sitting on my ass all day & driving. Because when I'd stop for the day I could always find something to do like crochet or read a book and I really wouldn't have the urge to smoke. But so far these really seem to work & I am now 46hrs without a cigarette. So cross your fingers & wish me luck.


Lorena said...

Delurking to wish you luck!

Terence Smelser said...

I used Chantix, $140 a month, Of course the Doctors are told to keep you on the crap for 6 months (or they don't get their kick back from the drug companies)

I had been smoking for 37 years, used the stuff for 1 month. I'm done.

Good luck!