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Sunday, November 1, 2009

A visit from Bob

I know some of you will probably think I've finally gone off the deep end after reading this but going with the spirit of the season, I thought I would share with you my own ghost story.

It all started about 8 years ago. I was doing the thing that all drivers hate, changing trucks. At first I just thought my CD player was being temperamental. It would play a few songs & then spit the CD out, & didn't think much about it.

After a couple days I noticed I was waking up to the same dream. I would dream that someone was knocking on the door of my truck & as I got up to see who it was, all I would see was an older man wearing overalls & a baseball cap walking away, giving me a backwards wave. Then I would wake up about 5 minutes before my alarm would go off. This went on for about a week until I got back to the yard. I had a conversation with the Rick, the shop foreman, that went something like this...

Me: "Hey Rick, did someone die in this truck I've got?"

Rick: *funny look* "Why, did someone say something to you?"

Me: "No. I've just been having a weird, recurring dream."

Rick: "Uhhhh, yeah. You're not the first one to mention that. Actually a driver did die in that truck about a year ago."

Me: "Was he an older guy that liked to wear bibbed overalls & baseball caps?"

Rick: *turns even whiter* "Uhhh, yeah. How did you know?"

Me: "Well, that's the guy I keep seeing in my dreams."

We talked for a bit more & he told me his name was Bob & that he had passed away from a heart attack. After I found out who he was he didn't visit quite as often but he would still make an appearance a couple of times a week. But when he did, I realized that he was the one responsible for my "malfunctioning" CD player. I had noticed that if it was country music or classic rock, all would be well but if I put in anything heavier, after about 3 songs it would eject.

After a few months I had to change trucks again. I was kind of sad to leave Bob behind but soon realized he was not. He still makes an appearance from time to time, letting me know he's still there keeping an eye on me. He still doesn't like heavy metal though & the occasional slap to the back of the head can be annoying at times (I get these when he thinks I've pushed myself too hard), it's nice to know that after all these years he still visits.