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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was tagged

I was tagged on my facebook page so I figured I would post it here as well. For all of those that want to peek deep into the inner workings of my psyche.

1. I'm a recovering Baptist. I don't follow any particular pagan path. It's more of a broad polytheistic view.

2. I am an amateur radio operator. Currently Tech class but am studying for my General. Call sign KC8LMU

3. I love to read & will read just about anything. Or try to at least.

4. Still single & no kids, with neither in the near future.

5. I'm still trying to find that rich old man that's about ready to kick the bucket & gonna leave me all his money. But my luck if I did find him, he's leave all his money to his cat or something.

6. I taught myself to crochet about 2 years ago & am currently teaching myself to knit.

7. I'm addicted to my blackberry. And her name is BB McGee. Yes I know it's a sign of being crazy admitting this, but so be it. (you should meet the rest of the family......they make me look normal)

8. I have way more grey hair then any 33 year old should have.

9. I could easily seeing myself becoming a hermit.

10. I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere......ok technically NOT everywhere but I have been to all of the lower 48, all of Canada except the NW Territory, Yukon Territory, PEI & Labrador. I have also been to Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana & Nuevo Laredo, MX & Jamaica mon.

11. I'm a serial killer.......it's just all in my head.

12. I would love to own my very own yarn shop. Somehow I don't see this helping my yarn addiction.

13. I love to listen to old timey radio shows.

14. All of my disillusionment issues stem from an incident in the fifth grade when I lost a naming contest for a math robot. I still think Sir Math-A-Lot is way better then Math Amigo.

15. I'm a button pusher.

16. I believe tattoos are like potato chips.......you can't have just one. That's why i have 10.

17. I am thinking coming up with 25 random things about me is a lot harder then I thought.

18. I lurv lol catz. Tehy r teh ishtz.

19. I have always wondered that if Canada would see it as an act of war if we gave them Michigan.

20. I am a true Gemini.......just ask my mom she had to live with the mood swings.

21. I brake for Starbucks.

22. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo not a morning person.

23. I still think fart jokes are funny.

24. I'm not as cranky & mean as a lot of people think. I've just had to stand up for myself to be taken even remotely serious as a female truck driver and I refuse to take any one's crap. And women that decide to become truck drivers but can only half assed do the job, do the rest of us a favor & go back home & have a couple of more kids or something.

25. I've been drug free for 9.5 years now. And I owe so much to my mom, because most parents would have given up, but she didn't.


Lorena said...

#12 - agree! It doesn't help. Not at all. TRUST ME.

#16 - agree with this, too!