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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pagan Standard Time

Why do people think that PST is acceptable? When did this become an acceptable practice? To me it means you are a pain in the ass who thinks the world revolves around you.

I have never been a stickler for things starting right on the dot but the idea of showing up 2 hours late, if you even bother to show, because it interferes with your natural flow is a total crock. What about everybody else's natural flow? I would so love a life and job that doesn't require the rigors of standard time, but unfortunately I live in the real world and not some fantasy land. Neither am independently wealthy to have such
a laissez-faire attitude.

Some pagans wonder why a lot of people don't take them seriously and maybe the fact that you are habitually late could NEVER be a reason. There are quite a few others that I could think of but won't go into for the sake of my blood pressure. So maybe for the sake of your fellow pagans you can grace them with your appearance on time for a change.