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Sunday, April 5, 2009


Just a few random things.........

Not smoking update - almost 1.5 months and still going strong. Although some days I still have the urge to put make fake cigarette out in someones eye or knock someone down & steal their cigarettes. But so far I have been able to suppress these urges. Some days its been a close call though. Actually I had urges to put my cigarette out in peoples eyes & knock them down before I stopped smoking so maybe it's just my personality.

Lessons in knitting - I have made a sufficient amount of dishcloths that my mother won't have to buy any for at least 5 years. And she has know enlisted me to make her a scarf & hat. I finally bought a set of interchangeable circs yesterday so the hat making can commence. I also have bacon yarn that is just screaming to be made into a hat. Because who can resist a hat that looks like bacon?? I have also find a neato blog post that explains how to make a hat that fits. Crazy Aunt Purl's roll brim hat.

Crochet update - I am currently working on my own Seraphina's shawl. I am using a yummy variegated purple wool from Universal Yarn.