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Monday, May 11, 2009

A letter to those who ask why............

Dear Sir or Madam,

You have inquired as to why I would ever want to drive a truck. So let me ask you a few questions.

Have you ever chased a sunset across Montana??

Awoken on top of the hill at daybreak looking down on Albuquerque on the morning of the annual balloon festival??

Seen the sun rise off the Maine coast??

What about driving thru California farm country & seeing nothing but beautiful, fragrant roses as far as the eye can see?

There are many more breathtaking sights I have seen crossing this country & lots of others have seen these same things. But how many can say they got paid to see them?

Being a truck driver epitomizes the American spirit of freedom & independence. Yes, there are many things (the layovers, crummy truck stops, the impossible delivery schedules)that are not so glamorous about trucking. Many days it’s a dirty, thankless job. You may see a slow & lumbering truck as something of a nuisance, but please remember this, without trucks you wouldn’t have that nice car you’re driving or the clothes on your back. So next time you’re tempted to give one of us a wave, let us see all of your fingers & not just one.

Sincerely yours,