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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Go Home & Have Babies Ya Dumb Broad!

LOLOMGWTFBBQ!! Who said that?? I said & I meant it.

Actually after a twitter post by @
vincereardon asking why women who tell other women to go home & have babies don't follow their own advice. And linking an article about Dr. Laura. Which I at first didn't see the link but answered him that a lot women without children are sick of mothers as using their child as an excuse for everything. (ie.....little Jimmy's sick, little Jimmy needs to go to the doctor, schools closed & I couldn't get a babysitter) You wanna have kids & a job?? Fine, but don't expect me to do your work & mine too because you decided to go forth & procreate. And we all know little Jimmy is just gonna grow into an obnoxious teenager that walks all over you because you're to busy trying to be his friend instead of his parent now. And why is it acceptable for all these moms to bring in crap that their kids are selling?? I'm sorry when I was a kid (and it hasn't been that long ago) that if you were selling something you went door to door. I know not everyone lives in a small town like I do. But what about going around the neighborhood or people you go to church with.

And I swear if I hear one more mom bitch about how she doesn't know how she's gonna find time to take little Susie to soccer practice, or little Mary to piano & dance, & fix dinner & get groceries & go to work, I may not resist the urge to smack them upside the head & say you should have thought of that before you had kids.

I also responded to @
vincereardon with, "Some women are incapable of doing the job they have chosen & the only thing they are good for are spewing out obnoxious little bastard children". I didn't really fit all of that into my tweet but that was the gist of it. And I think that pisses me off even more. As a woman truck driver I have had to bust my ass twice as hard as any guy out here just to prove that I can do the job & to be taken remotely seriously. Then some dingy, goofball, hosebag that only became a truck driver to sleep her way across the country or to find herself a man comes along & makes me want to punch her in the face. And throws all my 'work' out the window. So if you can't do the job GO HOME!!! And fix your old man some dinner while you're at it.

OK, now that I have offended all 3 of my readers so I guess I'll just go back to my crochet & twiddle my thumbs now.