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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Helping One of Own

Recently a fellow truck driver suffered a horrible loss. On Dec. 16th @truckersteve lost his home & his son in a house fire. While nothing can ease the hurt of losing his son, with a little help we can help make it easier for them to resume everyday life.

You can go to brycewilliamadams.com to find drop off points for donations if you live in the Prescott Valley, AZ area. There is also a link for Paypal donations. You can also go to Road Safety Store & use promo code TV99. The customer receives 10% off while 30% of the net sale goes to help Steve & his family.

While I don't know Steve well, my heart goes out to him & his family. Please keep them in your thoughts as you celebrate the holidays with your families this year.
Monday, December 20, 2010

Send A Foreigner Home

Ok. Due to popular request (ok actually only 1 request but whatever) I am going to try & make an effort to revive this blog. Now on with the regularly scheduled rambling.

The other evening on Twitter I had retweeted someone who had asked a question about why Europeans were so concerned over American politics. Not thinking much of it I continued enjoying my day off & woke up to one of my European followers (whom is currently living in the US) tweeting that it was because they enjoyed a good laugh. Well fuck you too. I made a few comments about if she didn't like it here, I would gladly eat Ramen noodles for the next 6 months to buy her a plane ticket home. To which she replied she didn't take charity. I told her not to think of it as charity but as a gift.

Later in the evening she posted
It's always great to read how hated LEGAL immigrants are...

I personally don't hate legal immigrants but I do hate their attitude of "well it's so much better where I come from". Why do you need to come here & tell us how great things are there? If it's so much better why are you here? Planes leave this country every day going to damn near every country out there.

Why do foreigners feel it's just fine and dandy to come to America & totally trash the way we do things, but if we were to go live in their home countries & talked smack about their governments & way of life it would be totally unacceptable? When did we become such a nation of namby pamby candy asses that can't stand up for our country? When did it become such a horrible thing to be an American? These countries look down their noses at us but yet when they get into trouble who are the first people they come running to?

All I have to say is if you don't like it, GET THE FUCK OUT!

So I'm proposing we start a fund to send these unhappy foreigners home. Who's with me?
Friday, January 8, 2010

Shannon's Rules For Winter Driving

Well, it's that time of year again.  The snow's a flying, the winds are blowing & the idiots are out in force.  So I thought I would pass on a couple of tips for safe winter driving.  Actually these can be applied all year round.

Tip #1 - Take your head out of your ass.
     When I say take your head out of your ass, I mean take your head out of your ass.  Not just part of the way or have that nifty new window installed in your stomach, but do a complete cranial rectal extraction.  Pay attention to who & what is around you.  Take your phone away from your ear & get your slow ass out of the middle lane.  Stop digging around on the floor for that elusive Engelbert Humperdink CD & fucking pay attention.

Tip #2 - Don't drive skeered.

     Now we all have had those white nuckle moments, that feeling of, "Oh SHIT!!".  But the thing to remember is when your skeered you are more likely to make panicky, unsafe moves.  This is not a good thing on an ice & snow covered road.  I'm not saying don't respect Mother Nature & all her squirrelly wrath but if you're afraid to be on the road, do the rest of us a favor & park it.

Tip #3 - Get the fuck away from me.

     No, seriously.  GET. THE. FUCK. AWAY.  I don't know what it is about some drivers but when the weather gets shitty they all want to ride in one big panicky group. Personally, I want as much space between me & your dumbass as possible.  If you come flying up behind me, pass me.  If I come up on you, don't jump out there & cut me off, because I'm liable to give you a good CB ass kicking for being an ignorant fucktard.  So for your safety & my mental health, STAY AWAY.

So there you have it fuckeritos y fuckeritas (these are my new favorite words), 3 simple tips for safe winter driving.  This probably isn't what you were expecting, but get over it already.