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Monday, November 24, 2008

Are you a yarn snob??

I know this is a subject that has been discussed ad nauseum by crocheters and knitters alike. But today was the first time I ever had anyone say anything to me about the fact that I was using "acrylic" yarn. *ohhhhh the horror* *faint* *swoon* Not that I give a fat rats ass about what anyone thinks. What the hell gives a person the right to try and make me like I'm somehow a lesser crafter then they are just because I choose to use acrylic yarn for a certain project. Were this person to come to my truck she would have seen the many nice yarns that I am using like Suri Elegance or Paca Peds from The Alpaca Yarn Co. (ok so I'm an alpaca slut ;), there are worse things in the world to be.)

Then she started in on the fact that I am a crocheter and not a knitter. While I admit that most of my fiber manipulating skills are in crocheting, I am capable of knitting. Albeit at a very basic level.

Why in this day and age should I have to stand up and verbally bitch slap someone just to defend crochet and my choice to use acrylic yarn?? When are people going to learn to just keep their fat traps shut because no one really gives two shits about what they think anyway?? People just totally piss me off sometimes.