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Friday, September 2, 2011

Off the beaten path.

There are some drivers out there that get nervous if they have to venture more than 5 miles off the interstate, but I'm one that really enjoys a good stretch of two lane road. The less traffic the better in my opinion.  I thought I would show some pictures of a recent trip to Ririe Dam in Ririe, ID.  Unfortunately most of my pictures didn't turn out due to the cloudiness of the day & the rest have a reflection of my notebook in the windshield.  Derp.  But I did manage to pull a few good ones out of my ass.

This one here is coming up US 189.

Oh.  Em.  Gee.  Real cows.  With real cowboys.  As I was passing the cows there was one cow that just turned and mooed at me with a look on her face like will you please keep that big blue thing on your side of the line please.

Coming across US 26 in Wyoming.

Sat here waiting on 1 lane bridge construction in Idaho.  If I remember correctly that is the Snake River that crosses US 26.

Just another random shot of a mountain in Idaho.  I know who'da thunk it.  Mountains.  In Idaho.  Total novelty item.