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Friday, September 2, 2011

Random Shit.

Just a few random pictures from the road.

 The Atchafalya Basin.  Basin Bridge I-10 in Louisiana.

 This place was scary.  I heard Dueling Banjos.  Twice.  The local beer, bait, hardware, grocery & feed store in Asscrack Nowhere, WV.

 A Chester Fried escapee.

 I'd do hood shots like Bethany over at One Girl Trucking but alas all I have is a crappy 387 Peterbilt instead of a 379.  So all you fuckers get to see is my steering wheel.

 This is where @Morticia626 and all the other goths live.

 This is known as a big case of fuck my life.

 Another big heaping, helping of fuck me.

 Seriously it was over 75 outside.  Why in the fuck is she wearing a long winter coat?

 Taking pictures in the mirror is a lot harder than it appears.

 Now is the time to crank some Motorhead & scream at people.  ;)

 Holy bat fuck that's a lot of snow.  For reals that snow bank is taller than the truck.  Winter 2010 in Wisconsin.

 This will be fun with an empty trailer.

 The biggest Sharpie of them all, & it is all mine.  Stop staring & go get your own you weirdo.

 This here is the endangered species known as tumbleweed.

 Hey Terry, this is just a bunny NOT a jackalope.  

 High atop the hill on SR 2 in Georgia about 20 miles or so west of Ellijay.  This is one of my favorite roads to drive.  It is a curvy 2 lane mountain road with no shoulder or guard rail.  Good times.  Yes it is an illness.

 Somewhere out west.  Oh, I remember now.  This was going up US 395 in California.

Pilot Knob in North Carolina.  Heh heh I said knob heh heh heh


Terry said...

Fucking Rabbits !!!

mwhewitt said...

You never want to see two Schneiders, Werners, Swifts, Stevens or England trucks side by side.